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Crabneck – fishing bot

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About Crabneck

The majority of WoW bots read and write to the memory assigned by your computer for WoW. Blizzard/Warden has the ability to detect that activity; which is why most bot creators are constantly struggling to update their code. They’ll also have to update the memory offsets after each patch – meaning your bot won’t work until you receive and update.

This bot is different. It works with Windows – not with WoW. It emulates user input via keyboard and mouse , it moves your mouse, it clicks, and it does it in a way that is no different from YOU actually moving the mouse. It’s not messing with WoW at all.

No injection or any dangerous moves. Works on all version of WoW.

Crabneck Features

  • Detailed logging in different levels into the console and a more detailed file.
  • Config file for changing settings and GUI settings editor
  • Uses presets to manage different actions
  • Uses presets to manage different actions.
  • Diffrent triggers
  • Highres support 4k+
  • Detailed statistics after fishing finished.
  • Support Retail
  • Change global spell cooldown in milliseconds
  • Change spell cast time in seconds
  • Change inverval in seconds between action calls
  • Stop bot after X amount of failed fishing attempts
  • Set fishbot to only fish for a specific time (X hours/X minutes)
  • Auto-login crabneck
  • Support Windows 10 x64 only
  • Managing Account-Settings from inside our SettingsEditor
  • Human behavior with random timer and % to miss your fish, like a human
  • Ever time you run the bot, it random a unique name and unique md5 hash for each user, this mean that no one have the same name or signature of the bot, so every time you run the bot you get a new unique name, diffrent then anyone else
  • Two different fishing modes: a faster one which uses image scanning and a more secure one which uses pixel scanning with human like mouse movement
  • Any key for example: A, B, C, E, F3, Numpad0
  • PauseKey
  • StopKey
  • PanicKey
  • Close bot after fishing is done
  • Close game when fishing is done
  • Customizeable fishing with an editor
  • Easy bug report in Settings Editor

Crabneck fishingbot

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